We offer services in the broader context of tax controversy and dispute resolution. These include:

Simultaneous or joint tax audits

Taxpayers are often being faced with simultaneous or joint tax audits in the different countries in which they operate. We can assist with designing a coordinated and consistent approach to the audits and oversee the execution of such approach at a national level. Especially in respect of the countries in which we operate (i.e. Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland), we can be personally involved in the national audit procedures and act on behalf of the taxpayer or advise the government or the tax administration. We can also be of help with negotiating and arriving to a workable settlement.

Support in national and international tax dispute resolution

We have deep knowledge of the different procedures for resolving tax disputes available at an international, European and national level. We can provide support with setting these procedures in motion and act as an expert counsel throughout their duration, ensuring substantive and procedural completeness and accuracy.