We provide independent and authoritative opinions of exceptional quality in a very broad range of international, European Union (EU), and national (Austrian, Dutch and Swiss) tax law topics. Depending on the subject matter and the scope of the request, we render opinions jointly or on an individual basis. Our independent tax opinions are generally used:

  • For litigations before national courts of all instances (tax, civil, or public courts)
  • For commercial, investment or tax arbitration acting as expert witnesses
  • In the context of the annual audit cycle of a company, to determine tax risks and their materiality
  • As a second opinion following tax advice provided by tax advisors or lawyers, for instance in the context of transactions, deals and restructurings
  • For estimating the chance of success in the event of litigation

Expert Counseling

We can act as expert counsels in the context of transactions, deals and restructurings. In doing so, we assess the accuracy of the positions adopted by the tax advisors or lawyers that have been involved in the structuring phase and ensure that all the different parameters and arguments from an international, EU and national tax law perspective have not been overlooked or properly considered. We also oversee the implementation phase and ensure a smooth interaction with the relevant tax administrations, to the extent required and permitted by domestic regulations. That significantly minimizes legal uncertainty and financial risks.